Your Microsoft 365 subscription requires periodic viewing and management. Normally, to achieve that, you have to log in to your Microsoft account page. However, you can manage it from within Windows 11 now.

You can access all of your Microsoft 365 subscription settings in Windows 11 by visiting the area under Accounts in Settings.

The operating system enables you to monitor your bills, determine how much OneDrive storage you’re using, and discover who in your household is using certain Office applications.

Additionally, you may access your Microsoft account website directly from Windows 11 if you need to check or modify additional settings.

How? Read on.

Access Settings

Since Windows 11 has recently included the capability to manage Microsoft 365 accounts, you should be able to access it on your PC. Go to Settings > Accounts to verify.

If you have the most recent 22H2 update installed for Windows 11, your Microsoft 365 account information will appear immediately. To view the Microsoft 365 subscription details if you haven’t updated to the most recent release, click the setting for Your Microsoft account.

Your membership price and the type of billing used, such as recurring billing, are listed as the first item of the information under the name of your subscription. The initials of the individuals currently sharing the Microsoft 365 subscription are displayed in the next section. The third section shows how much OneDrive storage is currently being used as well as how much is available overall.

To manage your account, click “See details.”

Visit the website to get more information or manage your account’s various features. But Windows 11 makes it simple to navigate to the proper location. Click the link for billing information Details are available under the subscription cost. Log into the website for your Microsoft account. You can modify your payment method, examine your billing history, redeem a code or prepaid card for the Microsoft 365 subscription fee, enable or disable recurring payments, and cancel your subscription entirely under the Subscription area.

microsoft 365 subscription

Control your sharing.

Go back to Windows 11 and select the Manage sharing link. Click the drop-down arrow next to Share in the Share subscription section of your Microsoft account website to return there. The names of every member of your Microsoft family are listed, along with a note about who is sharing your Microsoft 365 subscription.

To share a subscription with a specific individual, click the Start sharing link; to stop sharing a subscription, click the “Stop sharing link”. If you want to add or delete people from your Microsoft family, click the link above to Add or modify Microsoft family members.

Manage the space on OneDrive.

Return to Windows 11 and select the Open OneDrive or Manage storage link. You can control your OneDrive storage through the Microsoft Account website. The entire quantity of storage and how much is being used are both displayed on the page.

To make extra space, select “Empty recycle bin.”

OneDrive provides a recycle bin where deleted data can be stored for up to 30 days. Click Empty trash bin to remove previously deleted items if you need to free up space because your OneDrive storage is getting low. A dialogue box asking you whether to delete the files or access the recycle bin appears when you choose that option. To make sure there are no files you need to recover, first open the bin and look through the contents. Return to the previous page, click the link to empty the recycle bin, and then confirm the deletion if you still want to do so.