Who is Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tete is a British American born multi-millionaire. He is also a social media influencer who has been in big brother Uk, kickboxing and also has a hustler’s university. Andrew Tete was once in the big brother Uk but did not last for long. His removal was due to his racist and homophobic behavior. Tate then opened a webcam business that on his own claims was a total scam. But he claims he got millions out of it.

After this he then went on to open Hustler’s university which members pay a monthly fee membership. The University teaches people cryptocurrency trading and drop shipping. Members got a commission for recruiting other people to the website. Tete’s university was receiving a lot of clients. At this point he went on to encourage his members to post videos of him on social media platforms. Which led to his rise as a social media influencer.

Why was Andrew Tete banned from all social media platforms?

Andrew Tate then went on to post his views on women’s harassment and depression issues. Tate got famous because of his views on these topics and got criticism. Tate’s Twitter accounts got banned because of his controversial tweets. Tate went on to describe himself as a misogynist and a sexist. He says women belong to men and he would attack women if they accuse him of infidelity. His audience’s description was directionless men who support his views of being anti-feminist. Tate was then banned from Instagram in august 2022 with a 4.7 million following. 

Facebook went on to delete his account too. Facebook stated that he was violating the company’s policies, as he was spreading hate speech. They said his content dehumanizes, incites violence, threats and attacks individuals. Tiktok went on to remove his account and also removed every video that featured his name. His hashtag got a viewing of 13 billion times. Shortly after, youtube also suspended the channel for hate speech and misinformation. He then deleted his own channel on Twitch. 

Criminal Investigation

There is a deleted youtube video of Andrew Tate saying he wants to move to Romania. He was to do this to avoid criminal allegations against him. He thought he would be less likely to be under investigation when he was on foreign soil of Eastern Europe. The Romanian police got a tip from the US embassy about an American woman held at his property. 

The Romanian police then raided Tate’s place. The investigation went on to human trafficking and rape allegations. In all these charges up to date right now, there are no charges. The investigation is still ongoing and Tate has denied all the allegations.


There are influencers like Jack Paul who are denouncing actions taken. They state that the deleting of Andrew Tate’s accounts was a sign of censorship. Tate states that his comments were taken out of context and he takes responsibility for how the people received them.  For more content like this visit www.Digitalitsolution.com.