Marketing and Advertising they both are a core aspect of business. Where marketing focuses on a creating particular product and make its reputation in market. Whereas advertising focuses on basic feature to seek attention of public. Although Marketing and Advertising are interdependent and important as today everyone uses internet. Which tells that traditional market has gone invisible now a days. However, marketing contain different areas like branding, sales planning, public relation, and content marketing etc. advertising covers strategies which rule market.

Why they both are different from each other but interconnected?

As marketing is a process of giving preference to customer needs and planning how they can complete that need. Although advertising is a way of promoting company and a service or product through paid channels. However, Marketing and Advertising interconnected as advertising is a component of marketing. Now lets learn what are different aspects of marketing and advertising.

Different Kind of Marketing

Paid Media, Owned Media, Earned Media

So there are different type of marketing and each of them has there own uniqueness. Here are some basic types of marketing strategies that are important need for marketers.

Paid Media– What first comes in your mind when you think of advertisements. Basically it is paid media and it is any media which your company pays for to know public about your product or service. Some easy example of it is newspaper or a paid add displays on screen.

Owned Media– These are some outlets which your company takes full control on the messaging. Some examples are like your agency website, social networking channels, brochures, or storefronts.

Earned Media– This nothing then publicity owned by your company organically. Which says you have earned it by your own no money has given by you to earn this publicity. Also some examples of earned media is that public relation made by you, or a word of mouth. It covers more part like viral media marketing campaigns, and a organic influencer.

Digital Marketing

This is a term which is use to market a product or service on internet. Also, it contains SEO (search engine optimization), Social Media marketing, Email marketing, Content Marketing etc.

Content Marketing– It is a method which contain long form of content on websites to attract audience. It is also used to do B2B (business-to-business) which is mixer of Search Engine Optimization to attract potential customers. Its is slow paced formula which is grow slowly but rank your website.

Social Media Marketing– This is a concept which creates valuable information and brand awareness. Which delivers to audience through videos, post, and on many platform of social media like Instagram, Linkdein, Facebook etc.

Some Familiar Type of Advertising

Advertising comes in many different kind of forms. Here you will learn some common type.

Digital Advertising

It is as same to traditional advertising, but this contain advertisement which is shown on digital channel. Although this advertisement is a part of company marketing efforts because it is very easy to convey you target audience and deliver a specific messages.

Traditional Advertising

In this major things like Billboards, Direct Email, Radio ads, Print ads, and other forms of displays advertisement. Yet these are advertisement which shown on broadcasted in an big areas where maximum number of people can see it. Digital advertisement is shown as display ads, sponsored post on social sites, or an paid advertisement on search engine.

Lets Know About planning for advertising and marketing campaigns for small businesses

Step – 1 Create Your Goals
Step – 2 Make Marketing Plan
Step – 3 Research for the competition in your market
Step – 4 explore your marketing efforts
Step – 5 Do monitoring and Check it twice.

As concluded

Marketing and Advertising is important for you business as they are growing day by day. And every single person carry phone and use internet so Marketing and Advertising is basic nasality of business development.