Google Search Console is the best tool to get the data of your website’s status, activity from google. It includes the site indexes, performance, crawle, sitemap, and many more things. GSC shows you how many pages are indexed and how many pages are not indexed for different reasons. GSC gives you authority to track your website. That include highest traffic queries, mobile site performance, rich search result, referring domains and pages. And you can inspect your URL as well.

How To Add Your Website To GSC

  1. Sign in your Google Account. Always keep in mind that you have to log in with your business account, not personal. If it’s your business website.
  2. Go to Google Webmaster Tool
  3. Click “Add a property.”
  4. Now, choose “website” from the drop down menu. And make sure that you are using the same URL that appears on your site.
  5. Then click on continue
  6. Second last, choose a way to verify yourself that you own your website. HTML file upload, domain name provider, HTML tag, GA tracking code, or GTM container snippet).
  7. In case, your site will support both http:// and https://, then add both of them as separate sites. Also, you must add each domain.

After completing this process, GSC Starts tracking your data from your website whether It’s being in process of verification.

Verifying Your Site on GSC

Now, you have to verify that you own your website and app first. BecauseGSC gives you the authority to take the confidential information of your site. Even It shows you how google crawls your site or app. And gives the hint that you should have to make your content better for indexing.

Verifications give a particular authority of a particular website or app. You should have one verified owner for particular property.

Alway remember that only verifying your website or app doesn’t rank your website and pages. You must have to work on it. And also, It doesn’t affect your ranking or its performance. You can use the GSC like a path to take your website on ranking by working on GSC queries and the suggestions. Never think that simply adding your account to GSC helps to rank your pages or website automatically on google.

Verification Methods Of GSC

  • Upload HTML file: First, upload the verification HTML file to a certain location of your website.
  • Provide your domain name: Then sign in to your domain (like, GoDaddy, or eNom)
  • HTML Tag: Now, Add a <meta> tag to the <HEAD> section of a specific page’s HTML code.
  • Tracking code of google analytics: Now select and copy your GA tracking code that you are using on your site. Also, you need permission to “edit”.
  • Google Tag Manager container snippet code: After that, copy the GMT container snippet code connected with your site. You need permission to edit, view and manage container level in GMT for these options.


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