Software development is considered one of the most respected career paths, at least in my hometown of Bangalore and among my family. The reason is that a) jobs in the software industry are fairly well paid, and b) are lucrative industries with defined career ladders that can be quickly climbed if you demonstrate impeccable performance, and always will.

Is it easy

I have called software development “not an easy job” simply because there are very complex structures and processes. First, earning a software development degree requires completing a rigorous training process. This training requires years of training in a complex process. Second, the daunting task of finally getting a real job in an organization that is not only famous but promises growth. Growth means not only professional growth, but also growth in terms of learning and personal skills.

Well, even if a reputable company gives you career growth guarantees, it doesn’t stop there. There are many individual achievements that need to be presented that deserve recognition, praise and reward. It’s like the old cliché – hard work always pays off.

Open Source Software Development

A very new source of software development that is rapidly gaining recognition in the technology world is open source. A short quote from Wikipedia says, “Open source software development is the process of developing open source software (or similar software whose source code is publicly available). Working on it and updating its derivative code means it will be open source in nature.

This is another area that aspiring software developers want to enter. Here, a developer can work as a freelancer and develop custom his software using open source software code and sell it to clients as per their requirement. The reason I refer to the fact that open source software is so popular is that FOSS (Free Open Source Software) creates huge competition for proprietary software companies (those seen as a real target point for software developers). because it represents.

Did Business Analysts and a Software Developers do same tasks?

A business analyst collects, interprets, and records all requirements for a software application or product. On the other hand, software developers or programmers write programs in computer languages ​​to create software products. Although the business analyst and software developer have different roles, their involvement in the entire software development process is essential. Business analysts participate in the requirements gathering, testing, and deployment phases, while software developers must define requirements, design and develop the product, test, and deploy the software into production. I have. Business analysts also need to align client and manager expectations.


Career In Software development (1)

List of Job we can do as Career Developer

1. Application Developer
2. Front-end Developer
3. Back-end Developer
4. Data Scientist
5. Game Developer
6. Quality Analyst
7. Mobile Test Engineer
8. Full-stack Developer
9. DevOps Engineer
10. Cloud Engineer
11. Cloud Consultant
12. Embedded System Engineer
13. Language Developer

Bottom OF the Line

In studying, training, finding the right job in the right company, and building a meaningful and growth-oriented career, the most important thing is to enjoy this hard work…and that’s – luck. Lucky to have a good job, lucky to have a profitable and growth oriented career, lucky to be making a lot of money, Ands Digital IT can help.