After Rishi Sunak was elected prime minister of the UK on October 24, wealthy businessman Anand Mahindra shared a Tweet.

 Mahindra quotes Winston Churchill in his article.

Winston Churchill allegedly said, "...all Indian leaders will be of poor grade & men of straw

On this day, the 75th anniversary of our Independence, a man of Indian descent is about to be appointed prime minister of the UK.

Life is lovely, "Mahindra tweeted something.

While the majority of the responses to Mahindra's tweet on Twitter were positive.

one user reminded him that Sunak is a British citizen and has never held an Indian passport.

 In addition, he is a huge Churchill enthusiast.

Today, Rishi Sunak may become UK’s first prime minister of Indian descent

When Biden chose Indian-origin Kamala Harris as his running partner in 2020, he made history.