Top 10 most famous Martial Arts in India

Kalaripayattu: It is a traditional martial art that originated in Kerela in the 13th century.

Gatka: Gatka is an Indian martial art that originated in Punjab and is associated with the Sikh community.

Lathi Khela: Lathi Khela is a martial art that originated in North India.

Silambam: It is an ancient martial art that originated in Tamil Nadu.

Thang-ta and Sarit Sarak: Thang-ta and Sarit Sarak is an Indian cultural martial art  form from Manipur.

Mardaani Khel: Mardaani Khel is one of the Indian martial art forms that originated in Maharashtra. 

Inbuan Wrestling: Inbuan wrestling was initiated in Mizoram in the 1750 in Duntland village.

Kushti: Kushti is one of the most popular martial arts in India.

Thoda: Thoda is one of the traditional martial arts of India that is extant today.

Kuttu Varisai: Kuttu Varisai is an empty-hand combat that is mainly practiced in southern India