Iranian rock climber, Elnaz Rekabi, made headlines after she competed in a rock climbing competition without a headscarf.

The international competition was held in South Korea in which she came fourth.

But the news that gathered headlines was the fact that she did not wear a headscarf during her performance.

This was seen as an act of solidarity with the protests going back in Iran against the hijab.

The Iranian Revolution code of 1979 has instructed women to wear a hijab and loose-fitting clothes in public.

But after this daring move, she returned to Iran two days than planned earlier, and this raised concerns.

She has been reported missing from the Iranian airport by some of her close friends as they can’t trace her.

It is being said that she will be transferred directly to Evin prison for her actions.

Protests in Iran against the curtailment of women’s freedom have been ongoing for five weeks now.

The protests started after the death of a Kurdish woman, Mahsa Amini, arrested for violating the Iranian dress code in public.