Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker softens his stand on abortion in only one debate

Georgia Senate candidates Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock engaged in the first debate of the race

Walker has always maintained the stand that there should be no exceptions to the law of abortion.

But in the debate, he softened his stand but said that he is still pro-life.

He said abortion should be allowed in exceptions like rape, incest, and the mother’s life while prohibiting abortion after six weeks.

This comes after he was accused of supporting the abortion of an ex-girlfriend in 2009.

This same woman went on to have a child with this man years later.

But she said that Walker again encourage abortion but she refused it.

This change in the stand of the Republican Senate candidate shows the importance of the race.

But he is not the only Senate nominee who has tried to backpedal past comments about complete opposition to abortion.

This stand has been greatly unfavorable to the voters and thus the change in Walker’s position.