Without registering or logging into an Instagram account, would you like to view another person’s Instagram posts? There are a few methods to view Instagram posts without an Instagram account, albeit your options are constrained. These will be demonstrated to you.

Instagram’s restrictions for users without accounts

Using Instagram in a desktop computer browser is one technique to access someone’s Instagram postings without logging into an account. You can instantly browse a profile on the Instagram website and view all of its posts, videos, and reels (but not Stories).

You cannot view the content of the Instagram account unless the account is Public and not Private. Additionally, without logging in, you cannot like or comment on posts.

The web-based Instagram technique is only compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromebooks. It won’t work on an Android or iPhone since your mobile web browser will continually send you to the login page for the website.

The second method is to use a free web-based service provided by a third party to view Instagram postings without having an account. Imginn is one of them; it allows you to access and download other people’s Instagram posts, videos, and reels. Although you can use this site’s services without creating an account, the aggressive use of invasive advertisements spoils the experience.


View Instagram Posts

How to View Instagram Posts on the Instagram Website Without an Account

  • You’ll need to start by knowing the username of the profile you want to view. 
  • Once you know the username, use your desktop browser and type the following URL into it (web link). 
  • When you press Enter, the Instagram website loads and you may view the content of your selected account.
  • Even while this method typically works, Instagram may occasionally keep rerouting you to the log-in page. In this situation, close your browser, open it again, and then repeat the process.
  • You can’t just click a post to make it larger because Instagram will just ask you to log in. Choose “Open Link in New Tab” from the context menu when you right-click the post (or similar wording for your web browser).
  • Select “Open Link in New Tab” from the menu.
  • The complete version of your chosen post is now visible.
  • You may view the post itself, the number of likes it has accumulated, and user comments on the posting page. You cannot, however, like the post or make a comment since you are not signed in. However, you can share the article by clicking the share option (a paper airplane icon).

And that’s how you can browse Instagram without making an account or logging in. Enjoy your sessions without a log-in!

How to View Instagram Posts on a Third-Party Website Without Signing In

  • Open a web browser on your Windows, Mac, Linux, Chromebook, iPhone, iPad, or Android phone and navigate to Imginn.com to view Instagram posts without logging in.
  • Select the “Enter Username” section after the website loads and enter the username of the profile you want to view. After that, hit Enter.
  • A list of Instagram accounts will appear. Select the best option here.
  • Select the appropriate Instagram profile.
  • You may view all of the stuff that the account holder has uploaded on the account page. Click on a post in the list to see it in its entirety.

And that is all there is to view Instagram posts without having to create or log into an account on your devices. Enjoy!