Today, digital marketing is one of the most crucial strategies for any of the businesses. Making use of different type of digital marketing strategies to promote your business help you to reach your audience. Digital marketing seems like a new world. It is the successful way to gain meaningful results. Also digital marketing hit an amazing rise during the covid-19 pandemic.

 What is digital Marketing and why is it important?

Digital marketing is the strategy to promote the services or business online. It reach intended businesses relied on televisions, newspaper and broadcast to promote products. These choices are still present but emergence of internet has resulted as source of communication. Digital Marketing is basically implemented on websites, mobiles, and social media platforms. It is a wide field attracting customers. The Types of digital marketing allows you to stand at the peak among all the competitors.

The use of digital marketing is crucial in today’s digitally growing world. Lets us have a look on few factors which describes the importance of the digital marketing:

  •  Cost effective- Digital marketing consists of lower costs. There should be enough flexibility for your marketing efforts.
  • High engagement and Reach- There is a global reach for digital marketing and conversion. Thus the engagement possibilities are high.
  • Potential targeting- You can target the desired or niche audiences. You can also target with different various
  • Instant Results- In digital marketing the outputs are immediate and measurable. These outputs are real-time. Also it gives us enormous advantages.

Types of Digital Marketing

1. SEO

 SE0 Stands for search engine optimization. It functions to optimize your business for the various search engines. Such as google and Bing. Basically it is about ranking high in the search engine results. SEO is mandatory if you want to generate more business. It is a process that takes time but brings excellence in the outcomes. Among all types of digital marketing it is one of the most important.

2. SEM

SEM generally stands for Search Engine Marketing. Basically it is to cover PPC and SEO. Bringing traffic to your website by search engine is not an easy task. These paids ads appear on search engine results pages (SERPs). Advertisers generally bid on the relevant keywords. SEM offers advertisers the chance to put their ads in front of targeted customers. Any other advertising can’t perform the way SEM Performs. It is a powerful way to uplift your business.

3. SMM

 SMM is the social media marketing strategy working on marketing through various platforms. Such as facebook, Twitter and instagram. It develops your company’s brand, increases sales and drives website traffic. Social media marketing has a purpose  to build data analytics. It allows marketers to track the performance of their efforts. It establishes the Customer Relationship Management(CRM).

4. Content Marketing

 Content marketing is the distribution of relevant content. Such as blogs, social media posts, videos etc. .It is the best strategy used to attract the audience among other types of digital marketing. This promotes brand awareness. The Continous use of content marketing improves relationships with existing audiences.

5. E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is a marketing strategy of targeting audience through E-mails. It boosts your conversions by getting you subscribers with important information. It builds relationships through personalised engagements. Through E-mail marketing you can boost your company’s brand and services like other types of digital marketing.

6. PPC

 Pay Per Click is a form of marketing that allows you to pay to have your website in SERP for any specific keyword. In other words PPC is also called CPC(Cost Per Click). It is offered by the search engines like google. Also it is offered by the social media networks like facebook. Some of the well known platforms for PPC are Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads.