Mumbai which is known as the City of Dreams has an amazing charm that expands like any magic. It is a home to the number of tourists. Mumbai provides the heritage and latest modern entertainment sources. This beautiful city knows how to capture the hurried phase of life. Tourist places in Mumbai has all the things from the beaches to temples. You will also come across the various temples, luxurious restaurants and a life beautiful in its own way.If you are planning your vacations in Mumbai, you have made the best choice. It is one of the friendliest places in the world. Mumbai consists of beautiful colonial architecture.  It was a collection of cities before Mumbai became a city. There are various beautiful attractions in Mumbai that will leave you wonderstuck.

Top attractions of Mumbai

  •  Visit at the gateway of India

 Gateway of India is the crucial landmark in Mumbai. It is a top attraction on every tourist’s travel list. It serves a rich heritage culture and a memorable remembrance of its past. Gateway of India is the very first structure to greet the visitors entering through the sea. It is generally called the Taj Mahal of Mumbai. Along with its historic importance it is famous for the sight of remarkable yachts. Also the sailing boats in the sea. It gleams during the rainy rainy days. Also on the sunsets and the sunrises. It is a destination for kids and adults as well. Tourist places in Mumbai has something for everyone. Enjoy some bhelpuri and other delicious snacks from street food vendors.

  •  Picnic at Juhu beach

 Juhu beach is the longest beach in Mumbai. Also it is the most famous among the tourists. Basically it is known for the variety of street food which consists of typical mumbai flavour. Juhu is one of the luxurious localities in Mumbai. It is a home for the many bollywood celebrities too. There are no. of things to do here among all tourist places in Mumbai. You can splash around the sea. Take a long walk and enjoy the sunsets. Indulge in the water activities like banana boat rides and various other activities.


  • Visit the Kanheri Caves

 It is a fabulous bunch of the gemstore of the monuments. Kanheri Caves is situated in the popular Sanjay Gandhi National Park. These caves indicates back to the earlier times. These are said to be the oldest and largest cave formation of the country. It is a major center of worship and meditation regarding to the education of buddhist. It is a huge variety of flora and flauna. Here you can clinch the glimpse of lions, leopards and etc.


  • Shree Siddhivinayak Temple

 Siddhivinayak Temple of Mumbai is one of the famous tourist places in Mumbai. This a two hundred years old temple. It attracts thousands of devotees everyday. It is often visited by the celebrities or the directors who go to seek blessings before movie release. Various Religious activities are held there. Such as Maghi Utsav and others. Also you can enjoy the multiple cultural programs there. You get all the spiritual and postive vibes all around.