Located in west Bengal,  Tourism places in Darjeeling have the Divine feeling of Nature. It consists of the thrilling beauty surrounded by the dignified Himalayas. Darjeeling is one of the most splendid hill resorts in the whole world. It is the perfect assortment of the snowy Himalayan ranges. Also It Tracks, Valleys, and Tea Plantations. Beautiful green-grey hills here ensure a vacation to admire forever. The pristine beauty of this hill town captivates visitors from across the world. Hence One must take a break from crowded city life.

Some of the Tourist Attractions

  •  Tiger Hill

This is one of the best tourism places in Darjeeling. It provides Splendid sights of sunrise. From Tiger Hill, you can also see the peaks of Kanchenjunga. Therefore the divine view of snow-covered mountains sitting amid the clouds attracts tourists. Its location is 11Kms from Darjeeling hills at an altitude of 8482 feet. The best time to visit here is Mid October to December.

  •  Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

 Himalayan Railway is also called the “Darjeeling Toy Train”. It is a 2 feet-broad gauge. This 88 Kilometre long Railway Construction took place between 1879 and 1881. The experience in Darjeeling Toy Train has amazing glimpses of amusing Mountains. This train passes by villages and local shops on the way. The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway provides magnificent transport links between the many parts of the Darjeeling hills. Darjeeling Toy Train was marked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  •  Kanchenjunga Mountains

The eye-catching Kanchenjunga Mountains relish the position of being the third-highest Mountain in the World. ‘Kanchenjunga’ in Tibetan means “five treasure houses of the snow”. Thus the meaning of the name itself gives you an idea of this area. Visitors can enjoy Amazing views of Kanchenjunga Mountain from famous sites of Darjeeling. It is great fun for adventure lovers too. Likewise, it is the most challenging destination for trekkers among other tourism places in Darjeeling.

  • Batasia Loop

This is one of the most popular tourist Places. Batasia Loop is known for a striking 360-degree view of Darjeeling’s Landscape. You can Pick out the elevated snow-cad peaks of the Himalayas and Kanchenjunga. Mid of this loop is an amazing garden around which the toy train is set down. There are sitting areas where you can sit and get lost in nature. Eco Garden is also an amazing tourist spot if you want to learn about organic farming. Here you will also find a War Memorial opened in 1995. Its Construction was to pay tribute to the Gorkha Soldiers of Darjeeling Hills.

  •  Tinchuley Village

Tinchuley is a tiny village near Darjeeling. This has become popular in the latest years. It has become popular due to the effort of local people. “Tinchuley” means three Chullas or you can say oven. Main attractiveness of this village is its Home Warmth. Similarly one gets to eat bio-organic food and stay. Like other Tourism Places in Darjeeling, this place bestows Scintillating views of the Sunrise. In general it is a Place to Relax and cherish the natural beauty so that you can refresh your mind.

  • Rock Garden

    This is one of the most beautiful tourism places in Darjeeling. It is a picnic spot. Basically, this is an artificial garden. The beauty of this place is enhanced by its greenery and waterfalls. The scenic view of the natural waterfall attracts multiple tourists here. The vigorous flowers and the green plants will make your summer trip, the best.


There are a number of reasons to visit Darjeeling. Here you can go to chill mode with your friends and family. The beautiful Sight is something you will cherish forever. So make this trip on your travel list.