Mussoorie is a place located 35km away from Uttarakhand’s capital city Dehradun. This hilly place is along the Himalayas range. This is a popular tourist destination because of its tourist places. Mussoorie tourism places include Lal Tibba, Kempty falls, Gun hill, Mussoorie lake, Camel’s back road, and The mall road.

Here are Some of the best Tourist Attractions in Mussoorie

  • Lal Tibba

Lal Tibba

Lal Tibba is the highest peak in the whole of Mussoorie. It has an altitude of over 2290 meters above sea level. This high point provides a breathtaking overview of the mountain range in Mussoorie. At Lal Tibba you will find a telescope that provides a clear view of the place. People often enjoy the views at this place. Some go trekking and checking out the nearby places.

  • Kempty Falls

kempty falls

This is one of the most popular of all Mussoorie tourism places. They fall at a height of 4500ft in the middle of the Mussoorie valleys. The falls provide milky streams of water that are pleasing to the human eye. Many tourists enjoy a refreshing bath under the falls. There is also a nearby man-made pond that people enjoy boating in.

  • Gun Hill

Gun Hill

Gun Hill is the second highest point in Mussoorie. In the old British colonial time, there was a cannon that they would shoot to tell the time to its nearby people. Hence the name “Gun Hill”. This history brings many tourists to this area since the cannons are still there. Although they are no longer used. It lies at an altitude of 2024 meters above sea level. People  enjoy the beautiful scenic nature and the historical monuments at this place. Tourists also enjoy trekking and ropeway at this place.

  • Mussoorie lake

Mussoorie lake

Mussoorie lake is one of Mussoorie tourism places. This has a picnic spot by the Mussoorie Development Authority. It is a small lake receives water from a natural waterfall. The overview of this place is amazing! Tourists enjoy the beauty of this place and also indulge in Boat riding and picnics. You cannot visit Mussoorie and not visit the lake.

  • Camel’s back road

Camel's backRoad

Camel’s back road stretches a distance of 4 kilometers from Kulri bazaar to the Chowk in Mussoorie. This road gets its name from a rock with the shape of a camel’s hump on its back. Tourists do some short walks on this road. There is also a good view of the valley and mountains. Taking some good pictures along the road is ideal for tourists.

  • Sir George Everest’s House

Sir George Everest's House

Sir George was a Syrveyyor general of India from the period 1830 to 1843. His house was a home and a laboratory to him. He lived in this house for almost a decade before going back to England. This property has been neglected for a long time but is under jurisdiction. People can see the structural integrity of the house too. There are large underground tanks that are open too. Hence tourists are free to watch the house but not to enter.  This house is at one of the best Sunset views of Mussoorie.


 Mussoorie is a very beautiful and peaceful place. The best time to visit Mussoorie is between mid-march to mid-November. There are many other places not mentioned in this article. these places include Jwala Devi Temple and Happy Valley. For more content like this visit