In this blog, we will discuss the top 5 best digital marketing tools to grow a business. Digital Marketing is a platform which helps to take your business to heights. Not any single online work can be done without digital marketing. Sometimes we need some guidance on which tools are best for us in digital marketing. So, we are here to help you by introducing these tools.

5 Best Digital Marketing Tools

In the need of a competitive digital marketing strategy for your business then use this tool for superior results in just 5 minutes. First, type the name of your competitor and get all the details of your competitor. This tool provides you what organic keywords and what PPC keywords give huge traffic on their website. Even what social media or channels are working for them.

Google Trends

A keyword has the main role to rank any website or blog. Many of us use different tools to select a keyword but we prefer to use the google trends to take up the keyword which has lasted a long time since 2004. That means google trends gives you the actual data of search phrases. Google trends shows the geographical data as well in which area that particular keyword rank.

If you want to create professional posts for social media then canva is the best tool for it. Canva designed beautifully for their users. In canva, you will find the templates to create a design according to your business type. It saves our time with low cost professional designs. Just download it from the play store and register, you are ready to use it.

Ahrefs tool is for link research that gives the information of that particular link. In the very first, you will see the que of backlinks that a domain and a url has. Also you can generate so many keyword suggestions with estimation of traffic that are ranked on top 10 search results. Even this will show you that particular keyword of your competitor’s website which is not ranking and not presented on your website. You can optimise your page to get to know where your page currently is. There are so many other benefits of Ahrefs as well.

Chrome extension Keyword Everywhere

We will suggest this tool to find the best keyword for your business. If you are collecting all the data, that will consume so much time and seems inefficient. On this tool, you can see the PPC data and Search volume of that particular keyword. This information takes place under the search bar with a search volume and you will see the data of monthly statics. Testing the different variants of keywords helps to choose the relevant keyword with high search volume. One of the best digital marketing tools.


In this blog, we have covered almost the top 5 best digital marketing tools to grow a business. Hope you like this information, for more such type of information must visit our website: Digital and IT Solution