Meta Business Suite is a tool that helps you manage your business. It contains tools for project management, invoicing, task management, CRM, and other tools as well. Also, .it offers an intuitive interface and a wide range of features designed to meet the needs of small and medium businesses. It is difficult to manage social media platforms. It is best for management. A single platform that can help you to maintain all your business activities on social media and a level of your brand presence. Moreover, it allows you to schedule posts, respond to comments, and manage messages.

Who Should Use Meta Business Suite?

Anyone who is running a business on any social media platform. If you have a number of accounts you should surely use them. Meta Business Suite is free of cost. It offers many advantages and features to the users. Moreover, it plays a role of team when you are a single person managing all the social media platforms.

1. Creating and Scheduling Posts

Here is the foremost feature of Meta¬† Business Suite. This option appears on the left side of the dashboard in Posts & Stories. Here you can create posts for Facebook as well as Instagram. Also, it’s not compulsory to post at that you can save your post in draft and make changes afterward if you want.

2. Accessing Insights

It provides a feature for accessing insights. It can be done with the help of the insights tool that is available in it. From this tool, you can have a look at how your performance. This option you can see in the navigation menu appears on the left-hand side. Moreover, In insights, there are many options like results, content, and audience. An overview option gives you an overview performance of Instagram and Facebook pages.

3. Adding New Users and Roles

You can add members to your Facebook page which helps in additional support in this feature. For adding new roles to your page you have to search for all tools options in the navigation menu. Moreover, in this, you can also check who is having access to your page and at which role. If you don’t want to give admin access you can give them another role. The roles that are available are editor, moderator, and advertiser.

4. Creating Stories

The story is the format that has the most engagement on both Facebook and Instagram. Also, this option can see in the dashboard of your page. The best part is you can see a preview also. Moreover, you can choose also you have to post it on Instagram and Facebook. You can create stories in your way by adding text, stickers, songs, and images. The scheduling option is also available for stories. You can check the optimal time option also appearing next to the share button.

5. Manage Your Content Calendar

Meta allows you to have a look at your social media content calendar. In this feature, you can see how many posts you have scheduled. If you want to reschedule you can do that also. Also, this calendar gives information about both Facebook and Instagram. For this feature, click on planner option in the navigation menu.


These are some of the features of Meta Business Suite. For more, get connected with us and visit us at DigitalandITSolution.