Social media is a term that refers to platforms used by people to communicate and interact with each other. There are common negative effects of social media we should fight against. These include reduction of face to face interaction, increased attention craving and a high risk of depression. 

Reduces face to face interaction

When people often spend too much time on social media, they tend to pay less attention to people who are p-physically present to them in their life. Such an act then also affects them and gets annoyed by the such physical absence that people are doing. 


Increased Attention Cravings

Social media causes a massive craving for attention to people. People end up uploading posts that do not have any description or thought to them in any way. Such an act leads to people running to conclusions and interpreting the posts in their own way.  People also upload these controversial undescribed posts with the aim to gain likes and beautiful comments. 

Social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook have given clear platforms to seek attention. The attention seeking is done by people constructing a social acceptance being on social media. While we hide our genuine selves.  Hence people tend to envy what they see on social media not knowing the full background of the person’s life. Thus being part of the Negative Effects Of Social Media.

High Risk of depression

There are recent studies that have shown that the more people use social media the more negative feelings they experience. This negative feeling leads to depression. Such acts are harmful to people who have anxiety and depression already.  The social comparisons that people are doing on social media lead to this depression. 

Failing of relationships 

The jealousy and snooping towards social media content bring us no good. People tend to see what others are doing for each other on social media and expect to receive the same. One can see friends and family being bought gifts by their partners. They will expect the same from their partners. This is when the crumbling of relationships starts. Seeing partners living a lavish lifestyle on vacations and then they start putting pressure to do the same.


On the web, people feel comfortable saying things they cannot say in real life. Which is one of the negative effects of social media. There are popular social media platforms that are famous for cyberbullying such as Twitter. On these platforms, a lot of people enjoy opening fake accounts and just think of typing bad comments toward another person. Political or spiritual conversations also tend to spark these cyberbullies. If you are targeted, bullying can affect you throughout your whole life. 

General addiction

Social media is so addictive more than most of the drugs out there. It can draw people to checking up on these platforms without even noticing. If you use social media , you might want to ask yourself when you last spent a day without checking up on it. You also should ask yourself  if your phone is taken away from you what will you miss the most. These social media sites have  created algorithms that will continuously recommend the content you like the most. As a result you will stay stuck on it till you become addicted. Hence adding to the negative effects of social media.


Social media is no longer only used to socialize but for various reasons. Most of which the platforms were not intended to do. Some spread political propaganda and some spread wrong accusations toward some people. Such Negative Effects Of Social Media damages people’s reputations even though they never did such acts. For more content like this visit