Customizing your Apple Watch face enhances the display of your valuable accessory and allows for a more personalized appearance. Previously, the options were fairly limited. Apple now offers a plethora of customizable cool watch faces, and third-party faces are widely available for various mobile operating systems.

The options available to you, as with most Apple products, will be determined by the generation of your device. The Apple Watch Series 7 is the most recent release. We’ll walk you through cool Watch faces for your lifestyle in the sections below.

California Apple Watch Face

The California Apple Watch Face is one of the cool watch faces for those who want to take advantage of the product’s technology while also finding their own flair and style through customizable details.

The California Apple Watch Face gives your favorite accessory an analog look and allows you to focus on the small details. It’s been a hit since it debuted with watchOS 6 and is now available on the Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 4, and later.

With colors ranging from a simple ceramic to a soothing abyss blue, almost anyone who uses these cool watch faces will be able to find a combination they like. Some of the colors even have a gradient so you can change the hue’s depth. It supports Roman, Arabic-Indic, Devanagari, and Arabic numerals. It has a well-rounded face with a chic rectangle or square dial that can delicately display anything from UV index to temperature, and activity in its corners.

Activity Digital Apple Watch Face

The Action Apple Watch Face has been around almost since the beginning of the watch because it provides fitness enthusiasts and casual walkers alike with constant motivation as well as the equipment required to maximize any exercise.

With the Activity Digital Apple Watch Face, getting in shape couldn’t be easier or more sophisticated. You can choose your own speed and adventure with this face. You can track it all and access apps like timer, workout, and heart rate while you’re in motion, whether you’re going for a long run, taking a slow yoga class, or trying to meet your daily movement, standing, and exercise goals.

While the ring style features large numbers and text, the subdials are ideal for people who want to isolate their movement goals and track their progress in each individual area. With their sheer motivational quality, these cool watch faces can be the first step toward a healthier lifestyle, as well as a more rigorous option for race training.

Breathe Apple Watch Face

While the Apple Watch has a reputation for being a device for the most productivity-obsessed among us, one of its cool watch faces — the Breathe app — comes to life as a watch face.

The ability of an Apple Watch to help people build new habits is one of its best features, and the Breathe Watch Face — which is available for all versions of the watch — does just that. By tapping on the glass screen, you’ll be taken directly to the Breathe app for a timed meditative session that can help you unwind after a long day, prepare for a tense meeting, or to be more present during an outing with a loved one

It provides four soothing animations to choose from, giving you some variety while still limiting the overall distractions that a busy watch interface can cause. The complications also allow you to access apps in multiple areas of the watch face, so you could theoretically tap to access Stocks or News apps (neither of which are particularly relaxing). These cool watch faces, on the other hand, is for those who want a clean, minimal look that promotes relaxation and rejuvenation.


Portraits Apple Watch Face

This Apple Watch face is one of the cool watch faces and is product-specific, allowing you to access your library and display some of your favorite moments on your wrist.

The Portraits Apple Watch face is a new option for people who own an Apple Watch SE or later, and it adds a vibrant and sentimental touch to your favorite accessory. This watch face will show up to a dozen of your photos if they were taken in Portrait mode with iOS 10.1 or later.

A bold font that stands out against the backdrop of your favorite people and moments is one of the three styles available. It's a really unique face for people who want to use their watch to remember personal moments rather than use every app that can sync to the wearable.