Social Media Marketing tools help you to optimize posts. It gets the posts into the feed and organizes a better strategy for you. It is about bringing your brand out into the world. These tools are software, created to sort out social marketing ventures. These are some of the best tools which make your social media marketing strategies easier. Various tools also help you to Schedule posts on multiple social media platforms. Also, it helps in the optimization of those posts. More than 93% of marketers use social media for their business. Using Social Media tools has become a crucial part of now.

How to Choose the Best Social Media Marketing Tools?

Almost every business differs from the other. Therefore every business or brand needs a different marketing Strategy. Various brands and celebrities use social media campaigns or post ads. Social media tools can be used for any type of brand you are trying to market. This makes every individual step convenient. You can have a few issues like the expensive tools. For small businesses, free options are the best starting but these tools will help you to reach your goals.

Some of the best Social media marketing tools

  • Social Champ

Social Champ is a management and scheduling tool. This helps you to expand the content on all social media platforms at once. This tool has various automation features and integrations to help you. It is responsive to customer support.

 Key features:

  •  Bulk upload feature.
  • Automatic posting of content by RSS feed.
  • Repetition on platforms like Twitter and Facebook.
  • Reuse of Content by generating clusters of posts. Afterward reusing them in the coming campaigns.
  • The Social media content calendar helps you to plan for the upcoming weeks too.
  • Tracking the links and shortening them.
  • Analytics
  • Team collaboration
  • Buffer

Marketers have been using buffer for years. It permits you to rapidly put your post in the queue. It does so to schedule the post on different platforms. Buffer has laid its three categories. Publish, Reply and Analyse. Thus you can choose the plans according to your marketing needs. Also, it has newly introduced a feature. This feature permits you to indulge the very first comment with your Scheduled posts.

  • Hootsuit

This permits your brand or business to track and understand its clients’ engagement towards its brand. It is important to sort out the assumptions of clients related to your brand. Hootsuite has various functions which are easy-to-learn user interfaces. Like other social media marketing tools, it gives you an idea about the working of your social media Strategies.

  • Social Status

 A social Status is a tool that helps to automate social media reporting. It does so by taking out an elaborated analysis of the profiles. This Scintillating tool basically has four levels. They are profiles, ads, competitors, and influencers. It creates custom reports for all levels. Social Status supports Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter.

  • Socialert

SocialAlert is a tracking tool. It helps you in tracking your hashtags, keywords, and accounts. Social Alert is the best option for you if you want to focus on the performance of your keywords and hashtags. Tracking hashtags can help beginners to boost their online presence. Similarly, this amazing tool can be used to expand the post’s reach by using relevant keywords.


Your marketing on social media becomes much simpler with social media marketing tools. These provide you access to detailed analytics. You can uplift your brand by using all these features. So do check out these easy tools for your marketing strategies.