Is this also happening with you that your snipping tool not working in windows 11? Microsoft replaced its classic screenshot taker by merging its features with snip & sketch. The newer windows 11 app looks like a simple change from windows 10. But some users reported a bug such as the “the app can’t open” error and a lack of response while taking a screenshot. The following list of some possible fixes to make the tool work on your device.

How to Fix the Snipping Tool Not Working in  Windows 11<br />

How to Fix the Snipping Tool Not Working in  Windows 11

The Snipping Tool not working due to a faulty windows 11 security update, missing registry value, and expired digital certificates. Each solution here covers a unique error.

1. Check for Out-of-Band (OOB) Updates

The universal solution to the snipping tool not working issue in windows 11 is to complete an  “Out-of-band (OOB)” update. A non-security Microsoft patch. You should always opt for the latest OOB batches and you always keep a check on when they are announced.


  1. In the Start menu search, and look for “Windows Update Settings”
  2. Check for the new updates, even if it shows “You’re up to date.”
  3. Wait for the recent updates to install on your Windows 11 PC.
  4. It will cover any patches that concern the problem.
  5. Restart your device.
  6. Check whether you can work with the Snipping Tool.

2. Disable Automatic Time Temporarily and Reset It Manually

If your snipping tool is breaking in windows 11 and unable to take screenshots. Then you may have the wrong date and time on your device related to the app’s digital certificates. You need to change the date and time settings temporarily from automatic to manual. Then go back. You need to change your date and time temporarily from automatic to manual. Go back to automatic once the error gets removed.

  1. Go to “Settings -> Time & Language -> Date & Time.”
  2. Turn off the toggle switch of Set time automatically.
  3. Click on “Change” from the “Set the date and time manually” option.
  4. Regardless of the current date, change the date manually. Leave the time section as it is.
  5. Check whether the Snipping Tool is working or not.

3. Keep “Automatically Copy Changes” Enabled in Snipping Tool Settings

The clipboard automatically saves changes in your computer when you‘re copy-pasting anything on your computer. Open the snipping tool program, but it is not copy-pasting any images. Then enable its “automatically copy changes” function in the settings.

  1. Open and launch the tool.
  2. Click the three-dot option to enable the “See more” option
  3. To see more options you can open “Settings”.
  4. Make sure the “Automatically copy changes” toggle is turned on. The “Auto copy to clipboard” option should always be on.

As these screen snips are directly saved to the clipboard by default. Taking a new screenshot would cancel out the old one. You’ll have to switch on another toggle option labeled “Multiple windows” to save multiple screenshots. 

4. Give permission to Snipping Tool to take pictures from Background Apps

Is your snipping tool not working? Sometimes it happens because no permission of taking pictures from background apps is given to the snipping tool app. In some cases, this permission has to give manually to the apps. Or else the image doesn’t get captured by the snipping tool. Follow the steps to give access to the snipping tool app. 

  1. In Windows 11, Go to “settings> Apps> Installed Apps> Snipping Tool> Advanced Settings.”
  2. By following these steps you will reach the “Apps& features” section of the snipping tool.
  3. Ensure that the app has permission for the pictures. Turn on this option.
  4. Enable background app permission as” always” or “power optimized.”

5. Uninstall and Redownload Snipping Tool

Is your snipping tool not working? It happens due to an old version of the tool or other reasons, it may be not installed properly. The defective installation can cause the program to terminate and replace with a new version of the snipping tool app.

  1. For uninstalling the snipping tool program in windows 11, Go to the control panel and select “Add or remove programs”.
  2. Go to the snipping tool app, and then click on its three-dot menu.
  3. Click on the “uninstall” option to continue with the removal.
  4. After uninstalling the tool in windows 11. You can reinstall or redownload it from Microsoft software or from the google play store.

6. Make Use Of Local Group Policy Editor To Enable Spinning Tool

Local Group Policy Editor is a Windows 11 feature that includes many computers and user configuration settings for Group Policy Objects. It’s a tool that is mostly used for administrators to set policies and disable some parts of windows. Sometimes, you find that the snipping tool not working despite no errors with the update. There may be a few deep policy settings on your system that have disabled the snipping tool to take screenshots without noticing you. Windows 11 has Local Group Policy Editor a feature that helps you to undo any policies that you don’t want on your system.

  1.  Press Window+R and go to the “Run” menu.
  2. Type “gpedit.msc”  to open the “Local Group Policy Editor” feature.
  3.  Go down to “Tablet  PC > Accessories” .
  4. Press on the setting option to check the status of “ Do not allow  snipping tools to run”.
  5. If the  dialog box that appears and shows “ Do not allow  snipping tools to run” is “enable”.
  6. Then you have to change it to “disable”.

7. Set Keyboard PrtScn Key to Launch Snipping Tool

For those who are facing the Snipping tool not working issue in Windows 11. A nice alternative is to set out the “PrtScn” key on your keyboard as a default launch button for taking a screenshot or the snipping tool.

  1. Open snipping tool . Click on the three-dot menu to open the setting of the snipping tool.
  2. In settings, choose  “Print Screen Key Shortcut” and “change in windows settings”.
  3. You will see a “Did you mean to switch apps?” a pop-up notification when the snipping tool is trying to open the setting option. 
  4. Press on “yes” to proceed.
  5. Turn the toggle on of “ use the print screen button to open screen spinning”.
  6. You can choose various  screenshot taking options, such as  rectangular snip, full screen snipping, directly from the PrtScn  key on your keyboard.

The PrtScn key has various related functions that work with many  other  windows tools. Like Command Prompt, Microsoft office and PowerShell. To use these , you have to disable the PrtScn key shortcut temporarily. 


Snip & Sketch is merged with the snipping tool in windows 11. In these ways, you can fix the snipping tool not working issue in windows 11. For more solutions to windows issues like these visit Digitalandit.