There are many negative and positive effects of social media. So we all should be aware of these especially the negative effects. The platform that is created for socializing is now becoming a platform for digital crime. The following are some activities that are taking place through social media.


These days scams are everywhere, through the mail or through social media. It is one of the topmost effects of social media nowadays. It does not matter how much your social media platform is. Whether you use Facebook or Instagram, one way or the other you are going to encounter one. Most of the time it is easy to spot some of these scammers.  Most social media platforms have managed to remove this spam on their sites. Scammers use links to bait people into clicking them. Since people already know the person, they are most likely to click it. That is when everything starts falling apart. Some scammers even go a step further and create a whole new account. They will be pretending that they are another person. They will post pictures and videos that they will get from a genuine account holder.

Malicious Apps

Spyware, viruses, and malicious apps have also infiltrated social media. It is not easy to pass viruses on social media. But it is easy to manipulate applications that users use to post on these social sites. This can easily happen if users are using other third-party applications. The ones that allow the scheduling or management of social media accounts.One has to have anti-spyware and a strong antivirus installed in their computers or company servers. You have to make sure you keep these applications updated. The latest security settings will be there for your defense. Intrusion detection systems are also helpful. They detect programs and notify the user if there is anything trying to log in.


Social Network Issues

The security in the social networks themselves needs to improve. There is no doubt that social media platforms have to improve their security. None of them are perfect, and no one can hack them. Servers of social media sites can be easily attacked. There is no hacker-proofing of servers. Hence hackers can steal personal information from these servers. Social media is not even close to as secure as cloud storage. These have a sort of protection and encryption that secure them. This means if employees use social media to send and text confidential material, they will be putting the company at risk. Everyone is get trapped in these bad effects of social media.

Untrained Employees 

It is important to train or educate employees about social media for business. If they are untrained it may cause a huge negative impact on the business. As long as they are using the company’s servers to get anything confidential, they are vulnerable. They need to use trusted applications and watch out when clicking links. The employee also needs to use site security and privacy features. To make sure everything is secure.

Cyber Bullying

It means bullying someone through digital technologies. It can take place through many sources. Like social media, gaming platforms, messaging platforms, etc. Cyber Bullying is a bad and serious effects of social media. It affects a person in many ways. First, emotionally- lack of interest in favorite things. Second, mentally- angry, afraid, feeling upset, and many more. Third, Physically-loss of sleep, and experiencing some types of aches. It is a most common crime taking place on social media. Also, this type of crime is unpunishable. The victims in this activity are threatened and do not know if should they call the police or not for this. Examples of this activity are posting someone shaming photos and videos on social media. Another is sending abusive and threatening messages, and images to someone. Also, sending mean and bad messages from someone’s account by hacking their account. Cyber Bullying provides evidence that can prove beneficial and help to stop this.


Social media is a platform created for socializing but crime has rained upon it. There is a number of negative and positive effects of social media. Hence knowing how to protect or prevent yourself from criminal attacks is important. I hope you learn something from this article and beware. For more such articles visit: