Instagram has become a favorite social media platform for many people around the world. Reels have made instagram accounts to skyrocket with audiences. Ways to make instagram viral reels include focusing on specific content, having an attention grabbing style, making the right size video, using viral elements,using hashtags, figure out the peak view times,and put text in the video.

Focusing on specific content

You have to make sure you have a specific theme you follow on your content. This means you have to stick to one type of content or any content related to one theme. Instagram’s algorithm will eventually recommend you to people who have interest in the same content as you make. Make the algorithm know what you do. Make it  trust that if they recommend you to other people , they will see the content they need to see. 

Attention Grabbing Ideas

There are now a lot of people posting reels daily to go viral. This means that there is stiff competition in this field. You have to make sure you make content that is interesting and entertaining. To stand out from the rest you need to make unique content. You need to make unique content such that viewers will have interest to see your instagram page. 

Making the right size video

The video size should be atleast 1080 x 1920 pixels. This video resolution is enough to please the audiences. The aspect ratio should be 9:16 . This aspect ratio makes sure that the whole video fits on the whole screen of the phone. The aspect ratio is a very serious issue since no one wants to see a video that covers only one third of their screen. 

Use of Viral elements

Using trending elements such as hashtags increases your chance of getting instagram viral reels. Also making reel challenges that are trending at the time boosts your reel audiences . People often follow certain trends that happen from time to time. So when the next person searches for a certain trending challenge, your reel should be there. As long as the challenge category matches yours. Hence this means you have to stay updated on what is trending on instagram.

Use of hashtags

Hashtags are a must in any type of post on instagram. Hashtags help the algorithm understand the type of content your video has to offer. This helps instagram to offer your content to the right people. There should be careful selection of hashtags. There are some hashtags that are so popular that they have so much competition. Some are not so popular that they will not benefit you in any way.  

Figuring Out Pick View Times

The right time to post a reel is important. You cannot be posting a reel at 3am if you know its audience will be asleep. Instagram has a tool that shows you how your posts are being reacted to at different times. So you have to find a sweet spot where your audience views your reels. People also do not view posts the same everyday. There is a difference in days , which you the reel creator should figure out.

In conclusion,  to make instagram viral reels one has to work hard. Figure out what the algorithm wants and also figure out what your audiences want and how they act. For more information visit