Paid media is external marketing that involves paid placements. It is a way in which an organization promotes its content. These sponsored content include social media posts, paid search results, video ads, and popups. 

Why Do Businesses Use Paid Media?

Paid media is one of the fastest and easiest ways of driving traffic to a site. This media that is paid for gets clicks. This leads to followers which increases audience engagement. Paid ads are way easier to track than organic content on most platforms. Social media provides statistics on, clicks and leads your content gets. 

Use Of Paid Media On Social Networks

Facebook Advertising

Facebook offers carousel ads which are swipeable ads. They allow the viewing of many videos or images in a single space an ad. Such a platform allows up to ten products all in one ad. This capability allows showcasing of a large business description and product display. 

Carousel ads have a 30 to 50% Lower cost per conversation than single image links. Hence helping in reducing the total costs of paying for media.  



  • 2 to 10 images
  • In the format of JPG or PNG
  • Maximum of 30MB file size
  • Resolution of 1080 x 1080
  • Text of 125 characters
  • The headline of 40 characters
  • Link description of 20 characters


  • 2 to 10 videos
  • MP4 video format
  • Maximum of 30MB
  • Text of 125 characters
  • The headline of 40 characters
  • Link description of 20 characters

Dynamic Product Ads (DPA)

DPA is the type of ad that shows exactly the same products or services that the shoppers have an interest in.  The website uses an algorithm to track these interests. The algorithm picks information from customers who search for such content on the site. Facebook presents these ads to the right customer. It reduces the creation of many ad units for every product. 


Twitter also offers promoted tweets. These tweets show as regular tweets although they are paid for. They pop up on relevant search results and timelines on the site. These tweets either promote a particular business or generally spread awareness. On Twitter, there are also promoted accounts. In a promoted account twitter encourages engagement of the account.  

The major goals of Twitter promotion are to either drive a particular action or to spread awareness of a business. Which is to promote content, and offer coupons and deals in the copy of tweets. Offers lead generation cards that are quite a powerful tool to use.  Twitter also drives awareness of a business. Such can be in long-form content. One can also spread awareness with influencers that ensure a bigger audience.


Instagram is a strong visual medium of social media. It has a massive 1 billion active users every month.  Instagram offers photo ads that allow the promotion of a product or brand in a single image. Videos are also in the equation, which is far more interactive than photo ads. Such capabilities make Instagram an important tool.  There are story ads that can reach up to 300 million users daily. There are also things to consider such as posting high-quality images and videos. Combining this with creative content will maximize audience engagement. 


Paid media is the way to go to maximize social media customer engagement. However, one has to note that there are other things to work on. There must be a skilled social media manager who knows how to use and market products on social media. The content creation itself should be on the highest possible level. For any media marketing services visit