Social media has become a key factor in some people’s lives. They cannot spend a whole day without connecting themselves to social media. As much as social media has contributed well to our daily lives. We have to know that there are various negative effects of social media on these platforms. These negative effects include depression, cyberbullying, unrealistic expectations, low self-esteem, unhealthy sleeping patterns and general addiction.


Social media is full of selected perfect best parts of people’s lives. Other people then see these parts and then start comparing them with their negative ones. This is the point where the negative effects of social media start. Social media depicts as if everyone’s life is so perfect. As a result people are now depressed because of social media on its own. The funny part is that the same depressed person will still spend the whole day on social media. This will straight up lead to an unhappy life and even suicide. 


Back then before social media, bullying used to be face-to-face. This was whether it was physical or verbal. These days there is now cyberbullying online. This is one of the top negative effects of social media. People on social media can be mean to some individuals. Cruel people often open fake accounts to bully their enemies or people they hate online. These attacks are a threat to the mental health of people being bullied. Cyberbullying leads to people committing suicide or self-isolation of affected people.

Unrealistic Expectations

People start setting unrealistic goals and expectations all because of social media. The social media influence in relationships has been too much. Some social media influencers stage their social media posts. The audience are then made to believe that they are actual events. This puts the wrong picture in the audience’s mind. People end up expecting surprise gifts and expensive trips from train partners. Such events will lead to debt, the breaking up of relationships. Hence this being one of the top negative effects of social media,

Low self-esteem

Low self-esteem is caused by social media from seeing expensive clothes on perfectly shaped bodies. People stay on social media the whole day to see all these perfect bodies. People then tend to be little in their bodies. On the other side some social media influencers do not get these bodies in a normal healthy way. Some influencers go to an extent of doing risky surgeries to get those perfect bodies. They will never tell this to their audience since it will decrease their value.

Unhealthy Sleeping Patterns 

Social media is like a magnet to the eyes. People lose track of time on social media. This affects their sleeping patterns. This irregular sleeping pattern will lead to a drop in productivity for the rest of the day. Social media algorithms are there to keep you stuck on the site. They will suggest the content you like the most the whole night. Before you know it, the sun will be rising. As a result the rest of the day you will either be asleep, fighting sleepiness or feeling tired. Hence being one of the negative effects of social media.

General addiction

Social media is as addictive if not more than cigarettes and alcohol. People tend to check out social media many times of the day. Some of the time they will do this not knowing. The brain will be so used to such an act. The addicted prefer not to talk to people around them. Instead they will talk to those available on social media. This is such a weird act but it has become normal. People can have a whole 2 hour bus or train ride without physically talking to each other. The whole time they will be on their phones talking to other people in different places.

Only if everyone on social media shows their real day-to-day life. Also if people were kind to each other on social media. Most of these negative effects of social media could be solved if there is discipline in the people. There are now laws against cyberbullying to reduce it. There is also an option to report accounts that spread hate and wrong information. For more content like this visit: