What is Virtual reality and augmented reality?

Virtual reality (VR) is an experience that replaces the environment in real life with one that is in simulation. This is a completely different environment from the normal world. On the other side Augmented reality (AR) works side to side with the natural environment . It has a goal of providing information and more data about the environment. 

In a certain way virtual reality and augmented reality seem to be the same. Since both of the designs are to provide a simulated view to the user. Virtual reality and augmented reality are both used in different cases. Hence making them different to a greater extent.

Virtual reality (VR) in Social Media

VR’s simulated environment is for interaction, participation or even collaborating at work. It allows users all over the world to connect and even meet each other.  Various social platforms have been created with the use of VR . These include :

Horizon Worlds

This is Meta (Facebook)’s very own social gaming experience. Horizon worlds is a place to meet new players and socialize with friends. Horizon worlds offers a game creation system . such tools make it possible to be a development tool and a gaming platform. Selected creators are able to monetize their custom content on the platform. Horizon World is the beginning of the “Metaverse.”


This is the number one leading platform for Virtual reality and augmented reality. It has a mixed reality experience. AltspaceVR allows creators,brands and businesses to create virtual events . Many people from all over the world are able to use this social app. They will be connecting and collaborating in real life. The spatial sound immersive virtual environment allows people to feel like they are together. It can also be a place for live conferences , concerts and comedy shows. There are also concerts that people attend there. It is also focusing on the creation of players. 


Bigscreen is  a popular VR social app which is for watching videos. It is now used as a movie theater and television center. Users can enjoy content either alone, with strangers or with friends and family. You can have a chance to talk to Big Screen users from all over the world. Bigscreen is also capable of hosting group meetings and collaboration of coding people. 

Augmented reality in Social media 

Augmented Reality is now commonly used in social media . Snapchat introduced and most not all social media platforms went along. AR  makes the ability for people to make unique  social media content . The use of features such as location tags of social media is all in the form of AR.  

The application of maps,icons amdf emoticons are all as a result of AR. With the competitiveness of social media brands . Every brand is fighting to provide the best possible AR . For it to capture and offer better services to their platform users.  AR is also in use for business purposes on social media. This is on platforms such as Instagram.


Both Virtual reality and augmented reality is taking over the social media sector. With a massive improvement of implementations of these two. Clearly no one cannot wait for what the future holds. For more articles like these visit www.Digitalitsolution.com