Social media is a platform that can be in the form of websites or applications. The main focus will be on communicating, sharing content, and basic interaction. As much as it has improved people’s lives, there is also a negative side of social media. There is a huge impact of social media Political,social and in the commerce sector. 

 Social Impact of social media

Social media is playing a huge role and today’s social life. Gone are the days when people needed to meet each other physically to talk. People are now spending hours on video calls yet they are thousands of kilometers away. We are now able to watch live footage from continents away on a hand helped phone which is a click away.

Back then people used to share physical photos but now it is an easy photo shoot and send via social media. One is now able to share media files with hundreds of thousands of people.  All at once with the use of the example of the Instagram social media platform.  

 However, social media has also brought up some bad habits and crime in society. People are now getting addicted to social media, every free time is on social media. Some also impersonate identity on social media. Which people do to gain more followers or receive certain funds in the name of the other person. Cyberbullying is also now common on social media. Certain individuals are often targeted because of political or cultural reasons.

 Political Impact of Social Media

Social media has kept people updated on political activities all over the world. Politicians can no longer control the flow of news since there is now social media. Gone are the days when television and radio were the only means to get up to date on politics. Politicians would find ways to suppress the truth through these channels. There are now reporters posting audio, text, and video files to the public using social media.

However , there are always two sides to the coin. A lot of politicians are now hiring people to spread propaganda on social media. Opening fake social media accounts and spreading lies about certain political issues. Social media has also incited political violence in certain countries. Hence using social media wrongfully as a political stance.

 Impact of social media on commerce

Social media is now one of the key instruments of commerce. Companies and businesses are now advertising their goods and services on social media. Companies are opening their social media accounts to advertise their products and services. Platforms such as Instagram have put tools for businesses. These businesses can use these tools to improve productivity on the site. 

Social media is such a useful tool to communicate with audiences on how to improve a business’s services. Some businesses sell their products directly on social media platforms. Some companies also pay for advertisements on other people’s social media. This increases the reach of people their product gets. Hence receiving more sales.

In conclusion, Social media in the world has both negative and positive sides. Governments have put laws and policies to try and reduce crime on social media. Is social media a blessing or a curse? Well, that all depends on who you ask.  If you enjoy this type of content visit