Windows 10 update are crucial to fixing security flaws and enhancing system efficiency, however, it is well known that quality and feature updates can bring about unintended issues.

Usually, network connectivity-related issues are among the most frequent ones that arise after updating software. For instance, sluggish speeds, unstable connectivity, or loss of connectivity over a wired or wireless connection might make it difficult to access network resources like shared printers and folders and the internet.

Regardless of the cause, there are numerous ways Microsoft suggests(opens in new tab) to resolve the issue if a device is unable to connect to the local network or the internet following a recent Windows 10 upgrade.

How to fix a common network problem after Windows 10 update

You can rapidly fix the issue by following some simple troubleshooting procedures if a quality upgrade breaks the network connection.

Reboot the computer

Even while it might seem clear, not everyone will enjoy it. The majority of frequent difficulties, including those with network and internet connectivity, may typically be resolved with a straightforward reboot.

Use these steps to restart a device:

– Open up Start.
– Select Power from the menu.
– Choose Restart from the menu.
– Opt a “Configure Storage Sense or start suddenly” from the “Storage” section.
– In the column “Free up space now”, choose the “Delete prior version of Windows” checkbox.
– Select “Clean now” from the menu.

Following your completion of the instructions, the system will remove the duplicate of the prior installation, freeing up a sizable amount of space.

How to use disk cleanup to free up space after the Windows 10 update (2022)

– Choose Start.
– To launch the app, perform a search for “Disk Cleanup,” then select the top result.
– Wisely Select from the menu and “Clean up system files”.
– So the “Previous Windows installation(s)” choice has to be checked.
– Choose the OK option.
– Once you have completed the instructions and upgraded to version 22H2, the “Windows. old” folder containing a replica of the old setup will be removed.

If you download the new update through Windows 10 update on a device running one of the most recent versions of Windows 10, the computer is unlikely to run out of space because the update only uses a small amount of the hard drive’s available space. This only applies to devices that have recently undergone a reinstallation, such as after upgrading through Windows 10 update from a very outdated version or using the Media Creation Tool or Update Assistant.

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