There are several ways to troubleshoot and resolve the issue if the Teams Microphone not working on Windows 11 or 10. Although the program offers a great method for collaborating and communicating with others. Also, it has faults, and you’ll eventually run into problems for a variety of reasons.

As an illustration, occasionally you can find that Microsoft Teams Microphone not working and is unable to recognize the USB microphone. And also, the one that is part of the webcam you want to utilize. Alternatively, the app may recognize the device but prevent you from using it for add-on voice or video chats.

Whatever the cause, you can utilize the options provided by Windows and Microsoft Teams Microphone not working to resolve the issue. if you’re experiencing trouble utilizing the microphone.

Changing Setting to Fix Teams Microphone not working

Microsoft Teams settings may be the issue if the microphone is not functioning. This indicates that in order to fix the problem, you need be sure to examine the app’s current settings.

Use these steps to set up the microphone on Microsoft Teams:

– Avail of Microsoft Teams
– In the top right corner, select the Settings and more (three-dot) menu.
– Choose Settings from the menu.
– Pick Devices from the left menu pane.
– Use the Microphone drop-down option to choose the appropriate microphone under the “Audio devices” section.
– To ensure that the microphone is functional, click Make a test call.

Once you’ve followed the procedures, the Teams app should function with the microphone without any problems.

Media Access for Apps will Help Fix the Teams Microphone not working

If one of the add-ons is the cause of the issue and is unable to access the microphone. So then it is likely that it lacks the necessary permissions. To stop add-ons from accessing media devices and other data, Microsoft Teams has privacy settings.

Follow these steps to grant apps in tabs access to your device:

– Use of Microsoft Teams
– In the top right corner, select the Settings and more (three-dot) menu.
– Select Settings from the menu.
– Then select App Permissions.
– Choose the Teams-related app that is having issues.
– Activate the toggle switch for media.

The Microsoft Teams add-on ought to now have access to the device peripheral when you finish the instructions.

How to fix the team’s phone by unplugging other devices

You occasionally won’t be able to utilize the microphone with Microsoft Teams. And if another program is using the input device. Close all peripheral-using programs if this is the situation. Restarting the computer may also assist in resolving the problem.

To make sure the issue isn’t with the physical connection, try disconnecting and reconnecting the microphone if it isn’t being recognized. You might also want to try a new connection and USB port if you’re using a USB microphone.

On computers with several microphones, you can experiment by unplugging the accessories (such as the one built into the webcam, USB microphone, or one with the traditional headphone jack). To find out which one is compatible with Teams, try the one built into the device (if applicable), then the one built into the external webcam, and finally the microphone with a direct connection.