If there was no social media many things would have been backward. At the same time, it would be a better place in different ways. Life without social media impacts in both negative and positive ways. Reduced exposure to propaganda or fake news, Lack of long-distance communication, more sleep, improved health and mood, there would be more physical social interactions.

Reduced exposure to propaganda or fake news

There is a huge impact of fake and bad news in our society. Most of these come from social media. Politicians even use social media in a way to spread propaganda. A lot of people are affected by this which has a huge negative impact on society. Fake news can also be spread on social media. Some people can go to the extent of opening fake accounts so that they spread fake news. Such acts are done by the people who benefit from such acts. Without social media, all this would not be there and this would have been a better world.

Lack of long-distance communication

The use of video or voice calls enables people from different places to communicate. In a life without social media people would still be using direct calls. These direct calls often cost too much for some people. With social media platforms such as Whatsapp or Instagram. One can use wifi or normal data to contact their beloved ones. Video calls enable a much greater interaction. The use of stickers and emojis allows people to express their emissions and feelings.

Improved health and mood

Social media can impact our satisfaction and expectations of life. On social media, people show off only their perfect moments in life. While others might not have those moments, this will bring stress and depression among them. Without social media, people would not be obsessing over things they can not afford. The feeling that other friends and family are stable money wise also strikes. If there was no social media people would surely mind their business and focus on their lives. There will be no pressure to do more or better than others are doing. 

More Physical Social Interactions

In the world today people no longer socialize physically like they used to do. All this is because of social media. People now prefer to interact with people on social media rather than physically. In public places like buses and trains everyone will be stuck on their mobile phones. This act will lead to a lack of social skills. There are individuals who do not know how to interact with others. This might seem like a joke but it is happening. This is due to long conversions always happening on social media.

Increased Productivity

Social media is now a source of entertainment for most people and most platforms. People can spend a whole day on social media. The algorithms on these platforms are there to keep the user engaged. This is done through continuous recommendations of the content you like. As a result people will have less sleeping time and more lazy days. In a life without social media people will have more time to do productive things.


In conclusion,  Life without social media would be as bad as it is good. People should learn how to use it the right way. Limit your social media time and if on social media try to spread positivity to the world. For more content like this visit: www.digitalitsolution.com