You can Change User name in Windows 10 for a variety of reasons. Also, includes the requirement to update your personal information if your name has recently changed. The computer has a local account, and you prefer to use the genuine name rather than the alias when displaying it. You could also want to rename the company something a little more subdued.

Whatever the cause, Windows 10 offers a variety of ways to Change User name in Windows 10on the Sign-in page and throughout the desktop, but the procedure is not simple. Depending on the kind of account, a totally different set of instructions will be provided.

This tutorial will show you how to modify the account name for a local or change User name in Windows 10 Sign-in screen.


When the computer is set up with a Microsoft account, Windows 10 displays the account name from your cloud account. Therefore, if you wish to alter the account name, you must make the necessary adjustments online.
Follow these procedures on Change User name in Windows 10:

– Launch Settings.
– Toggle to Accounts.
– Select Your info.
– Then select “Manage my Microsoft account.”
– Use your credentials to log in (if applicable).
– On the Your Info tab, click.
– Click the Edit name link next to the account’s current name.
– If necessary, modify the new account’s name.
– To ensure that a robot is not altering the account, confirm the challenge.
– Select “Save” from the menu.
– Launch the computer again.


On Windows 10, there are numerous ways to change the name of a local account through the Control Panel. With User Accounts, alter the account name.

Follow these procedures to modify the account name in Windows 10’s User Accounts settings:

– Launch the Control Panel.
– From the list of options under “Change account type” choose it then “User Accounts.”
– To alter the name of the local account, select it.
– Now you can see the menu and choose a Change account name
– For the Sign-in screen, confirm the new account name.
– Select “Change Name” from the menu.
– Sign out of the current session after finishing the procedures, and the new name ought to appear on the Sign-in screen.

Using netplwiz, change the account name

Use the following procedures to Change User name in Windows 10 with netplwiz:

– Go to Start.
– To launch the old account management tool, enter netplwiz and click the top result.
– Toggle to the Users tab.
– To alter the account’s name, select it.
– On the Properties button, click.
– (Optional) To modify the account nickname, modify the “User name” box.
– Enter the new name exactly as it appears, such as “John Smith,” in the “Full Name” section.
– Select “Apply” from the menu.
– Select “OK” from the menu.
– Re-click the OK button.
– After completing the procedures, sign out. The name will then appear in the “Full Name” field on the Sign-in page.

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