Google AdSense – There are many options available to you on the internet. Most people who use the internet do not know that making money online is very easy. The biggest problem is that they don’t have a basic guide to “How do I get started?” This article is about creating a website and using Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft’s acquisition and placement of online advertisements on its website. It’s not a chore like checking email, taking surveys, clicking ads, or sending spam emails.

How to search for a website?

Whether you have your own website or have ideas for creating a website, you have the option to search for your website through Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft ads. Creating a website is not a big deal. You can easily earn $1000-$5000 per month. There is no limit, even some popular sites earn $3000 per day (for one day!!! not for one month).

Have you heard of Google AdSense, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and Microsoft adCenter? Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft are the search giants and now they are starting to advertise online. If you search on Google or Yahoo!, you will see some special at the top left and right of the search results page with the name “Sponsored Result” or “Advertising”, marked with a special background color.

What are “sponsored results”?

Organizations such as Google and Yahoo! receive ads from advertisers using certain keywords. For example, if an advertiser places an ad for his bookstore, he will also enter some keywords for the ad that is more relevant to the bookstore. When someone searches the web using the keywords provided by the Advertiser, the search engine displays the Advertiser link at the top of the results page with a different background color.

Organizations such as Google and Yahoo! came up with a new type of online advertising called “Pay per Click“. With “Pay per Click” ads, the advertiser only has to pay when someone clicks on their ads. Because of this, advertisers have to pay to display their ads on a website. If you notice while browsing, you can see Google Ads on most websites.

Why is this ad called Smart Work?

Yes, you can receive these types of ads from Google AdSense and Yahoo! Publisher Network and place them on your website. You don’t have to pay anything to receive these ads. You need a website that can be your personal website or an informational website which is no problem.

I call this opportunity a “smart opportunity!” because you don’t have to spend all your time on this work. You only need to spend some of your free time creating a website and placing ads on your website. After that you don’t have to do much more, the website will bring you a good income forever. Your website earns revenue even when you sleep. Google AdSense is basic to be done it’s not difficult too much.


Creating a website is not a bad thing. You can easily earn $1000-$5000 per month. Even some popular sites make $3000 a day (for a day, not a month). There are many options available to you on the internet. You can reach us at contact@digitalanditsolution. So why are you waiting? Build a website and place ads and search smart. This is how you will gain from Google AdSense and Google ads.