In two to three seconds, the Apple TV remote control will automatically connect to your streaming device. One of the nicest features of Apple TV is its built-in remote, which has an aluminum body, a touchpad, dedicated Siri keys, and home buttons. Many people have, however, reported the problem of Apple TV not responding to the remote. If you experience a similar issue, continue reading to discover the most effective solutions.

Typically, you can keep pressing the power button on the Apple TV remote control until a pop-up message reading “Connected” shows in the top right corner of the screen. Read the suggestions to get the remote operating again if the “Apple TV not responding to remote” problem continues. The Apple TV HD and all Apple TV 4K models, including the newest Apple TV 4K, may experience this issue.

Wait For A While

It will take some time for your remote to connect to an Apple TV. Usually, it takes two to three seconds, but occasionally, it could take longer.

Change The Remote’s Position To Near The Apple Tv

The remote could cease working if you put greater space between it and your Apple TV and risk losing the signal. The most recent Siri remote connects to your Apple TV through Bluetooth 5.0, which has a connection range of 40 meters. However, the initial Apple TV remote control features Bluetooth 4.0, which has a 10-meter range of connection.

The connection range of vintage Apple TV remotes with IR transmitters is only 5 to 6 meters. Remove any physical barriers between the remote and the Apple TV as well.

Restart Your Apple Tv Remote Control

You can try reconnecting it after restarting your Apple TV remote. To finish the reboot procedure, you should turn on Apple TV and adhere to the steps listed below.

  • Hold the volume down and Control Center buttons for five seconds.
  • Release the buttons when the Apple TV light flashes, then check the “Connection Lost” pop-up window on your screen.
  • The ‘Remote Connected’ notification should show up on the screen between 5 and 10 seconds later.

Verify And Charge The Apple Tv Remote Battery

In the event of low battery, Apple TV won’t respond to the remote. You must use an iPhone or iPad to control your Apple TV, and you must access the tvOS Settings to check the remote’s battery. You must do the following.

  • Swipe down from the top-right corner of your iPhone to access the Control Center.
  • Select your TV by tapping the Apple TV remote control icon.
  • Launch Apple TV Settings using the virtual controller.
  • Open the devices and remote controls.
  • Pick “remote”
  • Select the following menu to check the remote’s battery life.

Charge your Siri remote if you have one with a lightning or USB Type-C cable. For earlier remote

Fixes for Apple TV Not Responding to Remote

Verify HDMI Mode

If you are in the wrong source of the HDMI mode when using Apple TV, your remote control won’t work. To turn the Apple TV into the proper HDMI mode, use the TV remote control.

Inspect For Physical Damage

Have you dropped your Apple TV remote control quite hard or frequently? It might seriously harm your remote. If your remote has considerable damage, Apple TV won’t work. Use the virtual control on your iPhone or iPad while you wait to order a new Apple TV from the merchant.

Do Not Use The Apple Tv Remote With Electronic Devices

Your Apple TV remote control’s remote signals may be impacted by household electronics and appliances. You should try again after moving your remote away from such gadgets. On Apple TV, a community member was seeing lag in the remote input. By relocating the remote away from a surge protector, he was able to resolve the issue.

Use the Siri Trick

It’s yet another useful method for turning on your Apple TV remote control. If your Apple TV remote control has Siri built-in, press and hold the Siri button to ask the virtual assistant any question you choose. You can use the Back or Control Center buttons to return to the home screen when your Apple TV recognizes Siri.

Update Apple Tv

Apple periodically releases tvOS updates to resolve flaws like erratic remote connections and introduce new functionality. The most recent version of tvOS can be updated via the Apple TV remote control on an iPhone or iPad.

  • Access your Apple TV settings.
  • Choose “System”.
  • Click Software Updates in step three.
  • Step 4: From the following menu, download and install any available tvOS updates.

Enjoy the responsive Apple TV navigation.

After resolving the “Apple TV not responding to remote” issue, you should buy an Apple TV remote cover to protect it from harm.