All the users who are using computers want limited errors. When you see an error message on your screen. It could be one of the various different types of errors that your device face. DLL errors in windows are one of the errors in this. This blog will give you all the information. That helps you in identifying DLL files, and ways to fix common DLL errors in windows.

What are DLL Files?

Dynamic Link Library (DLL) files are always represented as .dll or .exe extensions. These are the files that contain data and codes, as well as viable functions. That uses by several programs at the same time to perform all types of functions in the system that operates with windows.  The DLL files share attributes and abilities among various programs to make sure that your system runs on a more efficient base. DLL files are mainly for optimizing the system’s performance. They withdraw the need for files that duplicate functions to make space in RAM for efficient and effective use. These files are unique because these files use across various applications, all at the same time. On most windows operating systems, DLL files are preinstalled so the user can download any application whenever he/she wants.

What are the causes of DLL Errors in Windows?

What are the causes of DLL Errors in Windows?

DLL Errors in windows (termed as “DLL Hell”) occur because of various reasons that generate problems for your device. The common causes of DLL Errors in windows are as follows:

  • When you install any new application to change a DLL which has an older version of the application, this can be a source of DLL error. This is the most usual cause of DLL errors in windows.
  • When the latest version of a DLL file is written over, this can cause errors in other applications which are using that DLL. You always remember that in multiple applications DLL used. If the version of the new application does not match the DLL existing in your system, it is a reason for the disaster.
  • Another reason for DLL errors in windows is malicious software or virus affliction. If your device gets infected by malware, mainly spyware, it leads DLL to face errors.
  • DLL errors in windows may occur when you uninstall an application that has a DLL linked to it. This cause implies when an application cannot find the DLL, it generates a message of “missing DLL “  error.
  • When DLL files get damaged due to defective hardware: application issues, malfunctioning memory, corrupt registry, and many more. It leads to DLL errors in windows.

Most Common DLL Errors in Windows

There  are different types of DLL errors  you may face but the most common errors are as follows:

D3dx9_43.dll error: These errors are caused by Microsoft DirectX software issues. Most of the time you will see this error when you are starting any games or using advanced graphic programs. This is one of the numerous files you can find in DirectX software. An error message appears with a pop-up message. Some of which appear like: 

D3dx9_43.DLL Not Found

The file d3dx9_43.dll is missing

File d3dx9_43.dll not found.