Youtube is a social media platform that allows sharing of videos. A lot are making a living out of youtube videos. Channel monetization of youtube does not only mean direct income from youtube. It also involves other resources, including paid sponsors, channel membership, patronage, merchandise, super features, and shorts fund.


Requirements to join the Youtube partner program (YPP)


  • The channel is to have 1000 subscribers
  • There have to be 4000 plus, watch hours over 12 months
  • YPP should be available in the country.
  • A linked AdSense to youtube
  • Channel should be free from community guidelines strikes.
  • Should follow all the youtube monetization policies
  • There must be a two-step verification on the google account linked to the youtube channel.

Indirect ways of channel monetization:

Paid Sponsors

Brands or businesses pay for YouTubers to advertise their products. YouTubers can show the product used in a video on the same channel. They can also use the product in the videos to engage their audiences with the product. YouTubers can reach out to certain companies they feel like working with. Usually, sponsorship depends on the type of content the YouTuber produces

Channel memberships

Channel memberships include a monthly subscription directly to the creator’s account. The creator then has to offer exclusive video content that everyone else does not see. Merchandise discounts can also be a membership-only package. Some YouTubers even offer their members live one on one chats with them.  


This is a third-party platform used by artists and creators for channel monetization. They receive direct funds from their viewers or fans. Creators with a huge and loyal fanbase can send funds to them at any time for support. For more patron engagement, the creators can offer content such as behind the scenes or they can watch videos earlier than others. Since patrons are not directly linked to youtube, there is no need to join YPP to access it.


This feature is unlocked when you reach 10 000 subscribers. A creator can be able to sell merchandise via a link shelf on each video page. Selling merchandise this way is easier since you do not need a website. This feature is making thousands of dollars to creators. It being on the same viewing platform makes the audience much more engaged and easy to access.

Super Features

On live videos, the audience can pay to get their messages highlighted. On a live stream there can be a thousand comments depending on the engagement. If the creator is asking questions or is asking for questions from the audience. Paying to get your message highlighted is the only way. People can pay between $1 to as much as $500. There are also super stickers that the audience pays for. The audience can share with others and can pin them on the top of the comments chat.

Youtube Shorts Fund

Youtube shorts do not receive money as normal videos do.  To be able to receive money from shorts you do not need to be part of YPP. Creators can earn as much as $10000 a month from youtube shorts only. But there is a renewal of eligibility each month. There is no guaranteed receiving of funds every month. Hence consistency is key to continuing earning.



In conclusion, channel monetization is through many ways. Many YouTubers are managing to use all these resources at once. Thinking of earning from youtube? You should concentrate on getting as much audience as possible to be able to use these resources.

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